March 27, 2010

A little light reading

  • If you are new to couponing, or even if you aren’t, this article has some great tips to remember.
  • Get inspired to go organic for Easter this year.  We really don’t go overboard for Easter baskets.  In the past, we added a couple of boxes of Annie’s bunnies, some stickers, and a few Yummy Earth organic lollipops and called it done.   So many people use the plastic eggs now, which I think detracts from the fun of dying the eggs.  I’ll try and post a few good recipes for you after Easter to make use of the boiled eggs.
  • On the same subject, check out this article to learn how to dye eggs naturally.
  • This post on sourdough starter was interesting. 
  • I did not know this.  I love learning little tidbits of trivia like this.
  • Want to see some cuteness? I can’t wait for this movie!
  • Look at this super cute FREE crochet pattern.  It makes me want to crochet again.  I haven’t in years, and I’m not sure that I’d know how to do much more than a chain stitch.  My sister makes all of these cute things.  She made our daughter a tea set, tea cakes and all, for her birthday.  SOOO cute!

Have a marvelous weekend!

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