March 29, 2010

Meal Planning Monday

Update on preparing food for the children’s program--

I told you all that last week I had asked the children about their favorite vegetables. They told me that they liked potatoes and corn.  Granted, these aren’t as nutritious as some, but they are a starting place.  This last Wednesday I made chicken breast, corn, mashed potatoes, and used some French bread that a church member had left for us.  The children were so appreciative.  They went on and on about how much they enjoyed the meal, and they even made me a giant thank you note!  It energized me and motivated me to continue this process.  The kids are off this week due to Spring Break in Knox Co. schools, but I’m working on a meal plan for the following week that will incorporate a wider variety of veggies. 

Watching Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution has been both inspiring and depressing for me.  It is sad to see how much processed foods are prepared for school children, but I think it is representative of a much bigger picture in this country.  At the same time, I understand how easy it is to slip into that mode—it is cheap, easy to fix, quick, and easy for the kids to eat.  The more I became aware that at least some who attend our program are eating processed foods MOST of the time, instead of as an exception to the rule as I had originally thought, the more it motivated me to make their Wednesday night suppers as healthy as they can be.  

I’ll continue to update you all as I progress in this endeavor.  Thanks for your feedback, referrals of books, and all of your prayers!

Meals for us this week

Monday—Hubby makes pasta and marinara sauce while I’m at the Couponing 101 workshop at the library

Tuesday—Salmon Patties, turnip greens, peas, boiled potatoes with dill

WednesdayEggs and Rice with zucchini, peas, ham, onions, and garlic. 

Thursday—Hubby is performing at the Living Last Supper at church.  We’ll probably have a quick supper of either leftovers or some soup from the freezer.

Friday—Chicken drumsticks, broccoli, roasted sweet potatoes

Saturday—Venison Tenderloin with rosemary, onions, and Dijon mustard.  Veggie sides of red lentils and the last of the butternut squash roasted.


Traditional Easter Meal—As I’ve told you all before, my family has Eastern European roots.  Easter is our big holiday, bigger than Christmas.  For years, we would spend Good Friday through Easter prepping and making Easter dinner.  We would have more types of sausages than you could ever imagine being possible to have.  Each one would be cut in a different way and arranged on platters in a beautiful display.  This will be our first Easter without my grandmother, and I’m not entirely sure what parts of the traditions we will continue.  (She was Irish, but she liked all of the Ukrainian traditions that were passed down from my grandfather’s family).  Whatever the day holds, I know we will at the very least enjoy the following: Cabbage Rolls, Platters of sausages, Boiled Eggs, Relish Tray, and Pirogue.  Since Hubby and I gave up desserts for Lent, I suspect that a few desserts will find their way to the buffet table as well. 

Photos Below—Sausages after cutting.  We parboil the sausages in water and beer to help get some of the grease out.  Once cooked, we cut them into different shapes and dab them with a towel to help remove more of the grease.  Then we add them to large platters for serving.  The next photo is of my sister, the cabbage roll expert, rolling the cabbage rolls a few years ago.  DSC_0922DSC_1029DSC_1030DSC_0927


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