March 15, 2010

Three Rivers Market Weekly Deals 3/15-3/21


Mar 15th-Mar21st

OG Snow Peas
Organic Snow Peas
$5.99/lb. Save $1.00/lb.

(Note that these are the same price as the regular snow peas at Kroger when I bought them last week.  Why not buy organic???)
OG Sugar Snap peas

Organic Sugar Snap Peas $5.99/lb. Save $1.50/lb.

Knudsen Just Pom
Knudsen 32 Oz.
Just Pomegranate Juice
$5.99 Save $2.00

Annie's Deluxe SNC
Annie's Deluxe 11 Oz.
Shells & Aged Cheddar
$2.89 Save $1.10

Annie's Deluxe EnFC
Annie's Deluxe 10 Oz.
Elbows & Four Cheese
$2.89 Save $1.10

Once Again PNB
Once Again 16 Oz.
Peanut Butter
Smooth and Crunchy
$4.29 Save $1.30
PE Life Essence
Pure Essence Labs
Life Essence Multi
120 Tablets
$29.99 Save $4.56
PE FemCreme
Pure Essence
FemCreme 2 Oz.
$18.65 Save $3.00

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  1. I'm glad to see that you post 3 Rivers Market deals on your blog. I work right down the street from them and shop there once a month or so. Thanks!