March 8, 2010

Tip of the day

For those of you who have more than one vehicle for your family, make a point to choose the better gas mileage vehicle whenever possible.  This week I had a trip to see a client in Lake City, TN.  The 30+ mile drive was a longer commute than my husband had on that day.  We switched vehicles so that I would burn less fuel on my trip.  We make a point to bring his car whenever we are traveling together over the weekend or on errands.  Sometimes we humans get in habits.  I like to drive my car because I have a little “nest” in there.  Yet, it really isn’t that inconvenient to make the switch.  It not only saves money but it is better for the environment. 

On this same train of thought, be mindful to walk whenever you can.  Our library is within walking distance of the post office, bank, and a few other stops.  Rather than driving from one place to another, I’ll park and walk to do my errands.  Many strip malls offer shoppers a wide array of options within walking distance yet I’ve seen many people drive from one store to another—when the weather was nice! 

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