March 28, 2010

Tip of the day

Are you recycling yet?  If not, start today.  Start with one product and work your way up until you are recycling everything you can.

  • Add a bin to your home office or wherever you open your mail for paper recycling.
  • Make a habit of rinsing aluminum and steel cans and plastics before adding them to your recycling bins.  This helps to reduce the smell and potential for bugs and animals.
  • We have a separate bag where we collect small plastics—wrap, straws, baggies, etc—in the kitchen.

1 comment:

  1. hey. many of the local counties are giving trees away for free. i had to call the local ut ag extension office in dandridge to get ours. . .i believe they have 2 types of oak, pine, cypress, and tulip poplars.
    some gentleman gave each county close to a thousand trees. . .i think 100,000 total for the state of tn!
    sam is sick. we are home from church. he has a fever, so i'm praying he's better by tomorrow for your workshop!