April 10, 2010

In case you are running to Food City today

A reader sent me the following deal info:

Food City is running a sale on select varieties of Post cereals. These are Cocoa Puffs, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Cheerios and Trix. Each are on sale for $2.50 but if you buy 4, you get $1.50 off each box making them $1! Paired with my coupons, I got 4 boxes for $.17 and 4 boxes for $.50!! Of course I stayed away from the really sugary ones!

I would suspect that the sale would end today.  I hope you catch some inexpensive cereal if you are going to be running errands today.  If you do not use these for your family, they would be a good donation to a food pantry.  Thanks Amy!

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