April 14, 2010

Kroger Rotisserie Chicken

Want the night off from the kitchen?  Check out Coupon Katie’s post to learn how to pick up a Kroger Rotisserie Chicken for just under $3!

Anyone else having trouble loading the new Kroger digital coupons off of their site?  I have an ancient Kroger Plus card, and for some reason I’m having trouble with it.  I e-mailed Kroger, but they said that on their end it looked like it should work.  Any ideas?  I hate the idea of getting a new card and losing my points and other coupons.

1 comment:

  1. I had problems with using my phone number one day and used my friends card so I could get my groceries but I still wanted my gas points so I called customer service. I explained the situation that happened in the store and that I wanted to see what could happen. They just asked for my receipt number & my kroger card number and the points were updated by my next shopping trip.

    So, I would think if they can do that then you should be able to just pickup a new card and call them with the new card number. Seems they would just have to update your information with the new card. Worth a shot! ;)