April 5, 2010

Meal Planning Monday

After a week of being off of work and school, I’m slowly getting back into the swing of things. 


Monday—We’ll be enjoying Easter leftovers—cabbage rolls, green bean casserole, asparagus, relishes, sausages, turnip greens, and homemade whole wheat carrot cake. 

Tuesday—Since I just picked the very first of our asparagus from our garden (see my Independence Days update to be posted shortly), I am thinking about either making a frittata or quiche to highlight the asparagus.  I can’t wait to enjoy them!!

Wednesday—I’ll be preparing the meal for the children’s program at church.  I’ve decided to have an all vegetable meal of pinto beans, roasted sweet potatoes, corn bread, and whatever other vegetables I catch on sale.  If I can get broccoli on sale, I will most likely do a steamed vegetable medley.  If not, then I’ll opt for some green beans, peas, and/or corn.  I want to give them something that is substantial enough to fill them up and to have a few options in case they do not want one of the vegetables. 

Thursday—Pork tenderloin with Dijon, onions, and rosemary.  For sides we’ll have some herb roasted potatoes, the last of the pickled beets, and salad.

Friday—Whole wheat pasta with pesto that I froze this summer with leftover salad.

Saturday—Grilled venison steaks, homemade cole slaw, and pears.


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