April 19, 2010

Meal Planning Monday

Wow!  I guess I never realized how much the meal planning schedule really helps me until I tried to go a week without one.  I’m embarrassed to say this, but we ate out THREE times last week.  Not one, not two, but THREE!  Normally we might eat out one time per week.  Not only are those trips to restaurants bad for the budget, they are also bad for our waistlines and health.  I’ve read that people consume significantly more calories when eating out, even when they think that they are trying to make healthier choices.  I can believe it, and my scale offers even more evidence. 

This week we are getting back on track.  I plan to do a little baking to help with the weekly menu.  I’ll make some muffins to store for easy breakfasts or snacks.  I’ll also prep this whole wheat bread recipe to try it out.  Tomorrow when I make the One Skillet Dinner I’ll double the recipe so that I can freeze an extra for an easy meal when I am tempted to go to a restaurant instead of cooking. 


Monday—Salmon patties with homemade tarter sauce, green beans, and red lentils. 

TuesdayOne Skillet Dinner and fruit salad

Wednesday—I’ll be making the meal for the children's program at church.  I’ll pick up some Muir Glen organic pasta sauce on sale this week at Ingles.  By using the coupon, I’ll pick up organic for the kids at the same price as the regular sugar laden stuff.  We’ll have the sauce on whole wheat pasta and topped with some shredded cheese.  A salad will be on the side, and I’ll most likely use a few of my greens that need thinned from the garden in that. 

Thursday—Hubby will be at a meeting at church.  We’ll have a simple meal of organic mac and cheese with chopped ham and peas mixed in. 

Friday—Venison steaks, Cole slaw, and salad.  Yes, I know that will make two salads, but my dad will be in town.  He talked about how much he’s been enjoying eating salads at our home, saying, “I just don’t get salads unless I’m here” and “You make the best salads”.  I’m a sucker for some flattery!

Saturday—lunch will be leftover steak in salad; supper will be tuna fish salad and potato and kale soup from the freezer. 

Sunday—lunch will be a chicken pot pie friendraiser at church; supper will be pork tenderloin, confetti rice, and corn.

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