April 9, 2010

Red Wing Shoes, $25 off of work boots

Red Wing Shoes

This is a deal for all you hard workers out there!  Work boots are expensive, and if you work construction and need quality boots, Red Wing Shoes is the place to go.  I heard on the radio today that if you bring in an old pair of work boots you can get $25 off of a purchase of new work boots.  I looked on the company website and local websites, but I couldn’t find any verification.  I phoned the toll free customer number, and the representative said that the ad was correct.  You’ll need to find a Red Wing Shoe Store (chain store, not just a shoe store that sells Red Wing) and call to make sure they are participating.  The deal is over on April 25th. 


  1. i heard the same add and called one of the stores they said i needed a coupon but cant find it on the radio stations website

  2. This is not a coupon sale. Bring in an old pair of Red Wing boots is all. This offer is not valid with any other Red Wing product.


  3. Fran is right, Robert. From what they told me when I called the customer service number, you just need to bring in the boots. You do need to make sure your local store is participating in the deal, though. It also needs to be a Red Wing Store, not just a store that sells Red Wing brand.
    HTH! Thanks to both of you for the comment!