April 7, 2010

Shortcuts.com and Cellfire.com

There are some new loadable coupons available at both sites. 

coupons, coupon, free coupons, grocery couponsCellfire.com has a 40ct/1 Betty Crocker Potatoes that will work with the catalina deal going on right now. (Check Coupons.com for a 40ct/1 printable coupon that can be matched with the deal).

logo_shortcuts2[1] Shortcuts.com has a Pup-peroni $1/1 loadable.  When I was at Kroger I saw a catalina for these, but I can’t remember the details.  I looked on www.hotcouponworld.com but I didn’t see a listing either.  If you find out the details, please let us know.  There were some other good coupons, but they were limited to places like Shaw’s and other stores not in the East TN area. 

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