April 29, 2010

Tip of the day


I wrote this post when my head was pretty foggy from a head cold, and I need to clarify a little more about it. A friend of mine e-mailed me about this, and I'm guessing if she had questions about it, others might too.

NO, I'm in no way saying that someone should work for free, and I'm not suggesting that you get a free haircut. Sometimes hair dressers will offer loyal customers a bang trim as a little freebie to promote their loyalty. It makes the person feel like their getting a little perk, and as a result makes them much more likely to refer friends and family to the hair dresser. Also, it is customary to tip a hair dresser, manicurist, etc whenever you receive a service--some people may not know this. I tip, and I tip well. Tipping isn't one of those things that I skrimp on, to me that is one of the differences in being frugal and being cheap. Even if the bang trim is free, even if it isn't, you should tip a hair dresser.

I once had a hair dresser near where I worked that I adored. I would have adopted her into my family if she'd let me. I had a baby, and she had a baby, and alas no more hair dressing with her. She started working closer to home, and I became a stay at home mom. She offered many times to trim my bangs for free, but I never took her up on it because I never took the time to go in between cuts.

I hope that makes a little more sense than the original post. Trimming your own bangs at home isn't for everyone. It works for me. Of course, I know that everyone who sees me in person is going to be over-analyzing my hair now! ;)

Learn how to cut your own bangs. Invest in a good pair of sheers (you can pick these up at Target or Sally’s Beauty Supply for around $10-$20). Watch your hair dresser when your bangs are cut next time. If your stylist is open to it, she might even teach you how. Otherwise, you can ask a friend or relative who does hair to teach you the techniques. I’ve had hair dressers charge $5 for a simple bang trim, which takes about 2-5 minutes tops at home. Even with the investment for the good pair of sheers, you’ll save a ton of money in the long run.

Sometimes stylists will offer to trim your bangs for free in between cuts. While this is a great freebie, I never seem to have the time to run in just for my bangs to be done. I guess if my hair were more difficult to manage, this perk might make the difference between which stylist or hair dresser I chose. If your hair is as such, you might want to call around to different shops to see if any are willing to offer this service for regular customers.

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