May 7, 2010

Coupon Preview 5/9 and Clipless Couponing

Bummer, there is only a Smart Source circular in Sunday’s paper.  Some of the coupons look promising for future deals, though. 

Frankly, I’m a little relieved to have a slow week for couponing.  I’m waaaaaay behind on my coupon binder, so much so that I’ve not really been using it the last couple of weeks.  Because I coupon for our church and have so many circulars each week, I find that I tend to ebb and flow with my coupon organization.  Some weeks I’m on top of it, and others I’m a slacker. The beauty of the clipless system of couponing for me is that I don’t have to cut as many coupons.  Yea, I might not score on the freebies for clearance items or ones that I just happen to see in the stores, but it works for me. 

How I use the clipless system—this is a description from an old post:

I use what is called a clipless system, or at least I use a variation of this system.  Because I receive well over 10 coupon circulars a week from the church coupon ministry program, if I cut out every single coupon, I’d be swimming in them.  Instead, I flip through the circulars, cutting out the ones I know I’m going to use either for our family (the coupons that I buy or receive from friends) or for the church (from the papers that I receive from the congregation).  I probably cut out only 10-20% of what is in the paper each week.  Then I write the date on the front of the coupons and file them.  When I see a great deal, free after coupon, or moneymaker, I can pull the circular from that week and cut the coupon.

To update this—I buy at least one Sunday paper per week.  I have friends and relatives who give me other circulars, between 2-6 per week.  The congregation now brings in more circulars for us to use on products for the church outreach programs, children’s program meals and snacks, baskets for the homebound, men’s breakfasts, food pantry, donations to Wesley House and Agape, and even occasional donations to animal shelters and free clinics.  Read more about the coupon ministry program here.  The work that I put into this program is well worth it. 

Happy Clipping or Filing, whichever you may choose this weekend!

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