May 29, 2010

A little light reading

I’ve been out of town and am behind on my reading.  I’ll surely have a longer list next week.  Until then, I wanted you all to check out this great idea for a homemade sippy cup.  Many people have been concerned with the BPA of mason jar lids.  When I do this for us, I’ll turn the white part of the jar to the outside so that the inner lining doesn’t come in contact with the liquid.  It is my understanding that the inner lining is where the majority of the BPA is. 

Thank you to all who have emailed me and left comments of condolences.  It brings me joy to know so many of you care.  I am back in town and hope to be blogging more very soon.  I’m catching up on laundry, gardening, and housework now. 

Have a very happy and safe Memorial Day weekend!

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