May 21, 2010

Magic Jack


Jeanette, a reader and church friend, wanted me to relay the following information about the Magic Jack phone service:

The Magic Jack works exactly like you home ph. it is very easy to install. The only draw back is you must keep your computer running all the time. I always did anyway. The only thing I have hibernating when I am not on it is the screen. You can still set your screen to hibernate, but leave hard drive running. You just buy a cordless ph. that has 3 or 4 satellite ph.'s with it. Hook it up and you got almost free ph. service. You can call unlimited time and amounts to anywhere in the U.S. & Canada for free. The only other draw back is since your commuter is its switching hub. That means every time you call someone you must always dial the area code, but you do not use a 1, because it can be used all over northern hemisphere. If some one calls you they must also put in the area code, but not the 1 . That is all you got to know to use it. We love it.

For more information, read Coupon Mommie’s post here about the service. (I couldn’t get the links to work on the post.  This should be the correct link to the Magic Jack website).

Since I have no personal history with using this service, I can’t say either way as to whether or not it is worth checking into.  However, I’ve spoken with many people who have used the service, and they’ve spoken very highly of it.

Thanks Jeanette!

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