May 3, 2010

Meal Planning Monday

We switched a few meals up last week.  With fresh foods in the garden, local foods bought at the farmers market, and beautiful strawberries picked at a farm, meal plans are guided by foods at their peak.  For the next few months, the meal plans will be just that, a plan.  ;) 


Monday—The hamburgers weren’t defrosted fully on Saturday, and we were too full from a big lunch to eat them for supper yesterday.  Therefore, we’ll have the burgers tonight instead.  I might try my hand at crispy kale if the house isn’t too hot to use the oven.  If it is, I’ll do a quick stir fry of the kale, cooking it just until it is starting to wilt.  I pulled all of the kale earlier in the year, and it replenished itself from the stems that I left.  I always thought you had to keep a few of the leaves on the stem for it to do so, but apparently not.  We’ll have, you guessed it, strawberries for dessert.

Tuesday—I hope to have a girl’s night out.  I’ll serve chili for the rest of the family, namely because I want to clean it out of the freezer.

Wednesday—Cinco de Mayo inspired meal for the children’s program at church tonight.  I’ll make 2 lbs of black beans and soft tacos for the kiddos.  A friend has donated some local beef for the tacos.  If I have enough time, I’ll make black bean salsa for the grown ups who volunteer and also eat on Wednesday nights.

Thursday—Salad and pasta with veggies from the garden, olive oil, lemon, and Parmesan cheese. 

Friday—Either salmon patties or tuna fish salad with leftover pasta and salad on the side.

Saturday—Grilled chicken, salad, and sweet potatoes.

Sunday—Leftover chicken in either a stir fry or in arroz con pollo, depending on our mood.

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