May 17, 2010

Meal Planning Monday

My father surprised us over the weekend with a cookout.  He cooked more meat than we eat in 2 weeks, without exaggeration!  This week many of our meals will center around using the leftovers—chicken, sausages, and pork roast.

With many of our side dishes coming directly from the garden, I’ve slacked on going to the grocery store.  I realized on Saturday night that we were out of coffee.  (I rarely let something that we use often run completely out).  Luckily, I found a free sample of Folgers coffee I’d received in the mail a few weeks ago so that we had coffee with Sunday’s breakfast.  This time of the year I’m much less inspired to run to the grocery and much more inspired to cook from the garden. 

This week is scheduled to be a fun but busy one: church council meeting, dance class and recital, the last week of preschool before summer break, filling in for a social worker friend while she’s on vacation, leading her group therapy sessions a couple of nights this week, and we’ll celebrate one of my best friend’s fortieth birthday.  Whew!  It should be a packed week.


Monday—Pork roast bbq sandwiches served with leftover salad from the garden

Tuesday—Pulled chicken, seared baby bok choy and dressed with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, and steamed snow peas

Wednesday—Sliced pork roast served Cuban style with black beans and rice

Thursday—Either leftovers, based on what we still have that needs using, or whole wheat pancakes a la Daddy with fresh fruit compote

Friday—Since we didn’t have pasta last week because of my dad cooking out, we’ll have pasta with veggies and tuna tonight.

Saturday—Lamb burgers, lentils, and veggies from the garden with either yogurt dip or ranch (radishes, sugar snap peas, green onions).  The shitakes didn’t get big enough to pick last week, and if I haven’t already picked them, we’ll throw them on the grill.

Sunday—Not sure what we’ll do on Sunday, and the meal will be determined by how many leftovers we have.  I’ll make one of these three options—salmon patties over salad greens served with boiled eggs and berries, venison steak with broccoli raab and brown rice, or grilled chicken with copper pennies (cooked carrots with maple syrup and butter) and beet salad.

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