May 24, 2010

Meal Planning Monday

I’m not entirely sure how this week will play out.  We will most likely be going to a funeral in TX later in the week, though the arrangements have not been finalized yet.  My dad will be here to guard the home front, so I’ll try and have a few easy meals ready for him.  This is the plan as of now:


Herb Roasted Chicken (or if it is very hot outside, I’ll throw the chicken on the grill so as to not heat up the house) and a large salad with the first of the roasted beets


Quesadillas using leftover chicken and black bean and corn salad


Whole wheat pasta with veggies from the garden and any chicken that might still be unused served with dressed salad greens


Local sausage and homemade buttermilk biscuits using whole wheat flour, steamed sugar snap peas, and spinach


Veggie meal with pinto beans, corn bread, stewed greens, and if the green tomatoes are big enough, I’ll fry some of those


Venison steaks with my easy marinade, black eyed pea salad, and broccoli raab


Grilled hot dogs, grilled pak choi dressed with olive oil and lemon juice, crudités of radishes and snow peas

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