May 31, 2010

Meal Planning Monday

Some of you have asked questions about the approximate costs of our meals.  I’ll try to estimate those numbers below.  Because we buy in bulk so often, some of the numbers are approximations.  We are feeding 3 adults and one 4 year old.  We go heavy on the salad/side dishes and light on the meat, which also helps to save money.

Due to the trip to TX, the meal plan didn’t work exactly as I thought it would.  You’ll probably see some repetition from last week as a result. 


Grilled venison steak (free after barter, my sister gave us some of her venison from the deer that my BIL took last winter, the marinade is made with free after coupons soy sauce and Worcestershire sauce), cost $0

Homemade Cole slaw (cabbage and onion from the garden are free, mayo and vinegar only OOP expense), cost at the most 25cts

Fried Green Tomatoes from the garden (only OOP expense will be the oil), cost at the most 50cts

Approximate cost of this meal 75cts



Quesadillas using leftover steak (tortillas were leftover from a previous meal and stored in the freezer, bought on sale for $1/pack.  The cheese was bought on sale for $1/pack.  I’ll use green onions and spinach from the garden in the quesadillas), cost approx $2

3 salsa choices (2 were moneymakers, 1 is a locally jarred salsa), cost $0 after moneymaker cancelled out expense of local

Salad on the side (free, from the garden dressed with homemade vinaigrette.  The dressing ingredients of olive oil, red wine vinegar and Dijon mustard were all free after coupons), cost $0

Organic Black Beans (bought on sale for $1.69/lb, serving about half of a pound), cost 85cts

Approximate cost of this meal $2.85



Hot dogs without buns (free with coupon) $0

Pinto beans (free, Uncle gave them to me) $0

Radishes with salt and vinegar (free from garden, vinegar free after coupons) $0

Leftover salad from the garden $0

Sautéed Pears for dessert (pears were given to me, sugar to preserve, organic butter bought on sale for $3.99/lb), cost 50cts

Approximate cost of this meal 50cts



Local sausage, cost $6

Homemade Cheddar Biscuits (wheat is home milled, cheddar was $1/pack on sale, organic butter bought on sale for $3.99/lb), cost at the most $2

Seared bok choy (free from garden), cost $0

Summer squash, if large enough to pick (free from garden), cost $0

Approximate cost of this meal $8



If Rutherford’s Farm in Maryville still has any broccoli, I’ll pick some up to add to our meal.  Approx cost $2, though I’m not sure of the price or if it will be available.

Lamb burgers on the grill without buns (local lamb, purchased a half of a lamb with a friend in the fall), cost approximately $8

Braised kale (from the garden, reserved bacon grease that would have otherwise been discarded), cost $0

Organic red lentils (bought on sale for around $2/lb), cost $1

Approximate cost of this meal $9

With the addition of broccoli $11



If there is any lettuce that we can pick, I’ll make Salad Nicoise for supper (red potatoes, salad greens, peas and radishes, roasted beets, tuna, boiled egg), cost approx $2.50

If we do not need to use the lettuce, I’ll make stir fry (locally purchased beef; cabbage, peas, onions, spring onions, bok choy, and squash from the garden; brown rice), cost $7, $8 with the addition of a little broccoli if I were able to get it on Friday

Approximate cost of this meal $2.50 for Nicoise Salad

$7-$8 for stir fry



Whole wheat pasta with veggies and herbs from the garden (pasta was free after sale and coupons, olive oil free after coupons, veggies and herbs free from the garden), cost $0

Homemade bread (wheat milled at home, yeast was a moneymaker after coupon and catalina), cost $0

Butter for the bread (organic butter bought on sale for $3.99/lb), cost approx 50cts

Approximate cost of this meal 50cts


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