May 25, 2010

On the road again...and a bonus tip

Hi gals and guys! (My husband is convinced that he's the only guy that reads this blog--do you think he's correct??)

Daughter and I have been traveling today, going South for the funeral of a dear cousin. Hubby is staying in town to attend a funeral for a very close friend. Both of the deaths were much too soon, and our hearts are heavy this week.

Because of limited access to the computer, I probably won't be updating the blog that much in the next couple of days. I'll post what I can when I can, and as always, I highly recommend that you view the "links" tab to find some other fantastic bloggers to check out. Thank you for your understanding, and if you are a praying person, for your prayers.

One quick tip from my travels today. We arrived at the halfway point in our trip earlier than I had expected. We were tired, but everything was still very manageable. I decided as a way to both save us money and better have control over the ingredients that we would go to a grocery store and pick up some foods to eat in our room. Too bad I didn't think of this BEFORE we left home, and I broke my cardinal rule of leaving my coupon binder behind. (Cue the collective gasps from the hard core couponing readers).

We had packed drinks, snacks, and our lunch from earlier in the day, so all we needed was something filling and somewhat healthy for supper. From what the hotel hostess told me, Super Walmart was the only game in town (ugh). Still, the food had to be better than something laden with God only knows what at a chain restaurant, right?

This particular Super Walmart was pretty light on the organics. Unfortunately much of the fruit and easy to eat veggies were not organic nor did they look that great (picked over near the end of the day, some looked like they should be pulled from the shelves). I looked through every aisle and finally settled on a Mexican themed supper--Amy's Organic Enchilada meals, Wholly Guacamole, organic blue corn chips, and natural apple sauce. They didn't have organic apple sauce or I would have sprung for that. For the supper, I spent around $12 for a healthier meal than we could have bought at any of the restaurants that are within walking distance. Had I better planned ahead for my purchases, I could have fed us similar foods for much less. Given that I had budgeted right at $20 for the food for today and planned to eat supper at a restaurant, though, I think that is pretty good. BONUS--We also have leftovers of the apple sauce, chips, and guacamole to use during our next leg of the trip.

What steps do you take to save money on trips? What about unexpected trips? What about when traveling with children? Here is a post that, coincidentally, I posted at the same time last year. I hope it gives you some inspiration.


  1. Am I truely the only dude? Speak up, leave a comment if you are a guy and read this blog.

  2. My husband reads your blog, so your hubby isn't alone! I wrote a post recently about a recent trip we took and how we saved money by making omelet muffins ahead of time. Here it is:
    * sorry for your loss

  3. i like this post!!!! i love going to grocery stores when i travel. cody calls me a food hoarder, so maybe thats why. we use the eat well guide: when we travel. it will tell you the best grocery stores and co-ops along the way. it also tells the healthy eateries as well as farmers markets and you picks! it is so fun to go on a trip when you use this. you can plug in the beginning and end points and it will show you everything along the way. only downside: it is newish- been going for about 5 years now, so they are still getting new stuff plugged in. but it works great, and we L-O-V-E it! I am so sorry to hear about your losses! that really stinks. hope you can make some memories this week regardless. BE SAFE!!

    oh and sorry, i am a girl. although, cody will often read this blog with me when i am sitting on the couch catching up on the blogs.