May 1, 2010

Tip of the day

Need to use up some register rewards or extra care bucks and not sure what to buy? 

  • Look in the grocery section and pick up items like whole wheat bread or eggs to help save you a trip to the grocery. 
  • Roll the catalinas into other RR or ECB deals if you can.  Check out or to view sales ads for future weeks.
  • Ask your friendly store clerks about any good deals or clearance items that you may not be aware of—I’ve uncovered some great deals on seeds, pantyhose, and pencils this way. 
  • Shop ahead for the next season.  Look at clearance priced holiday goods and think about how these can be used either for the same holiday next year or another holiday.  Red, white, and blue plates can be used for Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Flag Day.  Basic red gift bags can be used for Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or just about any other gift giving occasion.
  • Head over to the card section.  Think about what cards you might need to buy in the next few months.  If you are stuck and need to use some catalinas, you might as well do it on something that you’ll need anyway. 
  • Figure out ways to make the catalinas work.  RRs won’t work on prescriptions, but if you buy a prescription and a filler item, a RR should go through without any problems. 

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