May 9, 2010

Tip of the day

Appreciate the people in your life.  Say “I love you” often.  Don’t leave the house angry or with unspoken words.  Don’t use holidays as an excuse to say you appreciate someone on one day and forget them the rest of the year.  Send love letters.  Write a story about your life for your children.  Let others take photos of you, even when you think you look fat or your hair is mussed up.  Send real, honest to goodness, on your good stationary correspondence to people in your life you may not see as often.  Send the same to people in your life you see all of the time.  Bring flowers to your neighbor.  Thank your Higher Power for the blessings of the people you have.  Live in the moment with those people as much as you can.  Take mental snapshots.  Take videos.  Record the voices of those you love. 

I’ve always known that losing someone very close and very dear teaches you to appreciate those you still have even more.  You don’t take as much for granted.  You can recognize the fragility of life and love and revel in its beauty in such a deeper way.  Take time this holiday to look at all of those around you and, in honor of the holiday, all of the women around you.  Look at the ways that your life was touched by them and take time to say thank you for those gifts and blessings.

I realize in the moment that I am writing this that I’m the matriarch of my line now.  How strange that sounds!  My grandmothers on both sides and my mother are gone from this earth now.  In me lies there legacy.  In my daughter lies their history, work, and sacrifice.  This Mother’s Day will be a special one, if for no other reason than knowing that even though they are gone, they are still with me today.

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