June 13, 2010

Supper Planning Sundays

I’ve gone along with the Meal Planning Monday thing because whenever I would read others’ blogs they would post their meal plans on Monday.  However, I start planning the meals on Sundays and plan through Saturday.  It is a more natural flow for me.  I’m going to see how it works to post it here on Sunday.

Late last week I received a call from my sister that she’s coming into town this week.  She’ll be here today and is staying through Wednesday.  Since she has many food allergies and issues, I’ll have that to consider.  Since my dad has diabetes and is on a low carb/low sugar diet, the meal plan is further complicated.

We’ll be feeding 4 adults and 3 children for most of the nights on this meal plan.  Here is the plan as of now:


Stir fry with chicken (bought on sale) and vegetables from the garden (free),

Soy sauce free with coupons

Brown rice (bought on sale)

Approximate cost $3


Goat cheese stuffed chicken breasts (chicken bought on sale $5, goat cheese was free)

Either potato salad with an oil based dressing or boiled potatoes on the side ($2, red potatoes bought at the farmers market)

Beet Salad on the side (veggies free from the garden, olive oil and vinegar were free after coupons)

Approximate cost $7


Hamburgers served without the buns (grassfed beef bought from a local farmer, $12)

If there is any cabbage left after the stir fry, I’ll make homemade Cole slaw (only the cost of mayo will be OOP, 50cts)

Tortilla chips (approx $2)

Wholly Guacamole (bought on sale with coupon for 38cts)

Black bean salsa (dried organic black beans bought on sale, corn bought on sale, Ro*tel was free with coupon, green onions from the garden) $2

Approximate cost $16.88


Vegetable Meal

Pinto beans from the freezer (free from my uncle)

Baked potatoes (free after coupon)

Sour cream and butter (both bought on sale with coupons, approx cost $2), salsa for my sister (free after coupons)

Zucchini and squash (free from the garden)

Tomatoes (free from the garden)

Beets in vinegar (free from the garden, vinegar was free after coupon)

Cornbread (approx cost $1)

Canned pears (pears were free from a friend last year, sugar was the only OOP expense) 25 cts

Approximate cost $3.25


Pasta with veggies from the garden (whole wheat pasta was free with sale and coupon, veggies are free from the garden, olive oil was free after coupon, parmesan cheese bought on sale)

Salad if any greens still left in the garden (oil and vinegar free after coupons)

Approximate cost $1


We’ll be at a birthday party around supper time.  If hungry when returning home, we’ll eat some leftovers or a light snack supper.


In honor of Father’s Day,  Hubby wants to go out to eat at his favorite wings restaurant.  (When we eat out for a special occasion when the restaurants might be full, we go either a day early or late.)  Restaurant meals come out of our entertainment budget.

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