June 20, 2010

Supper Planning Sundays

This week will be a little different due to a temporary change in my husband’s work schedule, and I’m not entirely sure what the meals will end up being as the week progresses.  The plan as of now is below.  This will feed 3 adults and a child. 

A friend was out of town over the weekend, and I bought her CSA basket.  They have half of a share so the foods are supplemental to what we have in the garden.

Note—when estimating the cost of the meal I add the cost to the initial serving.  Any leftovers are then priced at $0.


Vegetable Meal

Green Beans and New Potatoes (donation to the church vegetable cart for the green beans and new potatoes bought at the farmers market) $3

Sautéed Squash (one zucchini from the church veg cart, some from our garden, 1 pattypan from the CSA basket) $3

Leftover quinoa that needs using before it goes bad $0

Salad greens with oil and vinegar (salad greens from the CSA basket) $5

Tomatoes and peppers from the garden $0

Leftover pumpkin raisin yeast bread $0

Approximate cost $11

DSC_0139 new


Borscht (veggies and dill from the garden, stewing meat from a local farmer) $6

Sour cream 50cts

Leftover Salad $0

Approximate cost $6.50


Venison (from my sister, bartered) $0

Green beans and potatoes that were leftover $0

Any leftover salad that needs to be used $0

If I need to, I’ll supplement the veggies with squash, tomatoes, and cucumbers from the garden. $0

Approximate cost $0


Tuna Fish Salad (tuna and mayo bought on sale and with coupons; celery, apples, and carrots; onion from the garden; sweet pickle from my sister-in-law’s canning last year) $1.50

Annie’s Mac and Cheese $1

Supplement with any veggies that need eating from the garden or CSA basket

Approximate cost $2.50


This is the meal from last week.  We needed to switch around the evening that we took my hubby out for Father’s Day due to the change in his work schedule. 

Pasta with veggies from the garden (whole wheat pasta was free with sale and coupon, veggies are free from the garden, olive oil was free after coupon, parmesan cheese bought on sale) 50cts

Sautéed Pears (canning pears were free from a friend last year, sugar to preserve, a little butter and cinnamon added when cooking) 50cts

Approximate cost $1


Daughter and I will be visiting my sister for my nephews’ birthday party

Eat PBJ and snacks while en route

Approximate cost $3


Dinner with my sister and her family

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