June 27, 2010

Supper Planning Sundays

This is the weekly plan for suppers to feed 3 adults and 1 child.  We’re not sure how the end of this week will go, as we might be making a trip.  (Don’t worry, my dad will be here to watch the house and garden for us.)  I’ve learned that it helps me to plan meals even when we may not be able to eat them.  If plans change and we stay at home, I won’t be caught off guard with what to feed the family for suppers. 

Note—when estimating the cost of the meal I add the cost to the initial serving.  Any leftovers are then priced at $0.  When we go out to a restaurant, it comes out of a different part of our family budget, and therefore, the estimated cost is not listed here.


Pasta Bake ($1.50 cheese, free pasta, free vegetables from the garden)

Approximate cost $1.50


Italian Sausage (from a local farmer) $9

Boiled potatoes with dill and butter (from farmers market, organic butter bought on sale, dill from the garden) $2

Summer squash from the garden $0

Any beets that couldn’t fit in the jars from pickling $0

Blackberry cobbler (blackberries picked with a friend at her place)  $1

Approximate cost $12


Organic chicken drumsticks roasted $6

Brown rice seasoned with pan drippings $1

Leftover squash

Cucumbers and tomatoes

Approximate cost $7



Approximate cost $0


Either BLTs or just tomato and cheese sandwiches $3

Homemade hummus and veggies $1

Soup from the freezer

Approximate cost $4


Beans, rice, and cornbread

Any sliced tomatoes or cucumbers available from the garden

Approximate cost $3


Dinner out

Or if we are at home, we’ll have burgers on the grill, baked beans, and veggies from the garden.  (Hamburger meat from a local farmer, no buns, beans bought with a coupon)

Approximate cost $7

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