June 1, 2010

Tip of the day

Work the crowd at the farmers market.  For people new to farmers markets, you might find vegetables which you have never eaten or prepared at home.  Talk with farmers and customers at farm stands to get ideas for how to best use the foods. 

A few examples--

  • Earlier this year, I was purchasing lettuce at a market, and a lady was asking about bok choi.  The farmer asked me if I had any good ideas for her, and I was happy to help.  What did I tell her?  You can use baby bok choi (or pak choy, pak choi, bok choy) as a salad green.  Use it in an Asian soup as the soup greens, and it is especially yummy with dumpling soup.  Sear it in a little coconut oil and serve topped with a sprinkling of rice vinegar and seasoning.  Add to a stir fry (probably my favorite way).  Brush with oil and put it on the grill for a very short time and dress as a wilted salad. 
  • Last year, while waiting in line to pick up our CSA basket, a fellow CSA member turned me on to roasted green beans.  Soooo scrumptious!  The entire recipe is to drizzle good olive oil over fresh stringed green beans, sprinkle a little salt and pepper on top, and roast in a 400 degree oven/toaster oven until tender.
  • One of our favorite veggie farmers, taught me how to identify lambs quarters in the wild and explained how she uses these (lambs quarters are known as a weed to most but they taste very similar to spinach.  She used them in pesto).

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