June 2, 2010

Tip of the day

When planning a long trip, buzz by the library or browse the library website for audio books.  Our last car trip was 14 hours to TX and another 14 back.  There was very little complaining from my daughter about the length of the trip at least in part because she was entranced by the books we were listening to en route.  We picked up The Tiger Rising by Kate DiCamillo, the Addy stories in the series of American Girl books, and These Happy Golden Years by Laura Ingles Wilder, all of which I would recommend.  Had I realized that I also picked up The Wind in the Willows, the last leg of the trip would have been just as enjoyable as the first 3/4 for both of us.  For some strange reason our four year old just doesn’t get as much enjoyment out of the Dave Ramsey show and NPR weekend edition as she does fiction.  ;)

Had we rented these books from Cracker Barrel or an online rental company, we would have spent at least $8+.  While that might not sound like a lot of money to some, I tend to believe that every penny counts. 

The added bonus is that we have beautiful stories that we listen to together instead of sticking her in front of a DVD player for the trip.  We take breaks and talk about what is happening in the stories.  She asks questions about things that she does not understand.  For example, the Addy books focus on a young girl who escapes from slavery.  It was so difficult to have to explain our country’s history with slavery and how devastating of an experience that must have been.  She couldn’t understand why people would be so cruel to one another, and I hope she never has to witness such experiences in person.  It opened the door for a discussion about history, civility, equal rights, and bravery. 

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