June 11, 2010

Tip of the day

Don’t let “no” be the final answer.  I had a lab test earlier in the year, and it has been a major pain ever since then!  The company first sent me a $90 bill, but when I read it, I learned that they had billed it to the incorrect insurance company.  The bill was put through again, this time to the correct insurance company.  Then, I received another bill soon after.  I disregarded it, thinking that it had not had time to go through to the insurance company.  Then, I received another bill, this time saying that the insurance company had denied it.  I was just about to pay it, and I thought to myself that $90 was too much money to just blindly pay without asking for the reason for the denial.  I phoned and learned that the insurance company said that the laboratory was out of my service network.  My provider WAS in my service network, though, and so they would pay it.  I’m sure they would have been very happy for me to have mailed them $90 that I didn’t have to pay and never would have said a word about it to me. 

All together the 6 calls I made (3 to insurance company, 3 to lab company) took me 30 minutes tops.  Considering that I saved $90 with a half of an hour’s work, that is pretty good! 

Check your bills for accuracy and correct coding.  If you receive a denial from the insurance company, call and find out the reason for the denial.  If it is an error on their part, make sure they fix it.  If you find out you’ve done something incorrectly, you’ll know not to do it again in the future.

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