June 18, 2010

Tip of the day—Raisin up the nose

Lessons learned from my daughter sticking a raisin up her nose:

  • That having your pediatrician’s number on speed dial is a good thing, and for that matter, carrying your cell phone with you at all times is a good thing.
  • That we aren’t past the sticking things in weird places phase.  Apparently it doesn’t end for years according to multiple sources with whom I’ve spoken today.  I thought that surely at age 4 I could rest a little more easily—au contraire!
  • To tell your child not to stick things –fill in the blank on body part.  When asked, “Why did you stick a raisin up your nose?” she responded, “I didn’t know I wasn’t supposed to.”  So, apparently we as parents are supposed to reinforce that this isn’t proper procedure.  I’m not sure how often we as parents are supposed to remind said child, but I’ll be sure to do so…often.
  • That when you start being a bit hysterical in asking for tweezers and a flashlight, the catalog representative at JC Penney’s will call security on you.  Luckily, the plain clothed security guard was very helpful and quite nice about the whole thing. 
  • When I learned from our doctor at an emergency appointment 30 minutes later that the raisin had moved too far up the nasal cavity to pull out with tweezers (the nurse had told me to try when I had her on the phone at JC Penney’s), she told me to try a neti pot with our daughter.  She hoped that the movement of water might help to loosen it and push it outward.  Lesson learned—when the neti pot company offers a freebie, but you don’t think you’ll ever need one, get it anyway.  I paid $12.99 for the dang thing at Walgreens.  Good thing that there was a $3 peelie on the box!  (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, a neti pot company has been offering a free one every so often this year).
  • That the trauma of using a neti pot on a child who has never before used one is a little worse than the trauma of having a raisin up your nose. 
  • After learning the hard way that the neti pot was not going to work, and after having paid $9.99 after coupon for the dang thing, we resorted to trying saline sprays.  Lesson learned—having free after register rewards and coupons saline sprays in the medicine cabinet is a good thing.  We had a couple to choose from and try.  Neither were without their struggles, but they worked much better than the neti pot.  Having a stockpile helps!
  • That as a Momma I’ll always have weird things on my clothes, and after years of being one, it doesn’t phase me anymore.  The raisin did come out.  It came out on my shirt.  I wiped it off, not giving it another thought.  I’m only now realizing that after the whole ordeal calmed down that I went back out in public to run errands wearing the snotty, saline sprayed, raisin landing pad of a shirt. 
  • That things are never as bad as they seem at the time.  When I was able to get away, calm down, and have some time to myself, I realized that things could have been a lot worse.  The thing that scares me the most about this experience, though, is that it happened when I was right there.  I had turned my head for less than a minute and she did something impulsive, as all kids do from time to time.  All I can do is pray, try and teach her the balance of being careful without being scared of life, and keep emergency personnel on speed dial.


  1. Yikes! THis post gave me a chuckle, I hope that doesn't sound mean! The things us moms go through for our children! I had a similiar scary at the moment, but now can look back and chuckle experience this week. I"m so thankful for the shared experience!

  2. No, it doesn't sound mean that it gave you a chuckle. I was hoping that it would tickle people to hear how crazy the day was. It will make a great story to tell my grandchildren one day. ;) TOO funny!