July 2, 2010

Back Home

This has been a very eventful summer for us.  We just arrived home after a trip to OH for the 4th funeral since May.  We are so tired and drained—emotionally as well as physically.

Our daughter and I made our way to the garden after we unpacked and rested for a bit.  I’m a little ashamed of how piddly it is this year, and I know that being gone and so busy so much of this growing season is showing.  I’ve not been as diligent with adding fertilizer (organic/compost), watering, pruning, weeding, watching and tending to bug infestations, succession planting, etc, etc, etc.  I look at photos of friends’ and relatives’ gardens, and I’m green with envy.  If any of you were to see our garden this year, you would ask, “Who does this lady think she is calling herself a gardener???”  It looks like if I want to put up much food this growing season, I’ll have to buy it at the farmers market.  Oh well, at least I’m supporting local agriculture, right?

I made a mad dash to update the blog a bit, and I sincerely hope that things will settle down long enough for me to return to regular posts.  Two trips to TX, 1 to Memphis, 1 to OH, a week of VBS, and a week of my sister visiting us in Knoxville has taken its toll.  Thanks for bearing with me.


  1. Hi Gabrielle;

    I have a feeling your summer is going to be on an upswing from here on out. You and your family could use it I'm sure. I know how much you like to nurture your garden. Possibly while you're nurturing it, it will will nurture you as well.

    Peace my bloggy friend,

  2. Thanks for your kind words. Tending to the garden is good for my soul, and I look forward to more time with my hands dirty as the summer continues. We're hoping for a nice, quiet, boring July and August. ;)