July 15, 2010

Dave's Day--All Dave's Eat Free at Famous Dave's BBQ 8/1

This was a hot freebie last year, and it is back!! Thanks to Money Saving Maine-iac for the heads up about Dave's Day at Famous Dave's BBQ. Go here for all the details.
UPDATE--Thanks to reader Cindy for helping me clarify--yes, there are Famous Dave's restaurants in TN, and even one in Knoxville. What I should have said is that the Knoxville location isn't participating. (I just called to make sure). The list of participating locations is found at the links above. Sorry about that confusion.
Thanks again Cindy for your help! Sometimes I type faster than I can think through what I mean to say. LOL!

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  1. http://www.famousdaves.com/Knoxville
    Check again - they are just off Cedar Bluff in Knoxville.