July 17, 2010

Long overdue photos from the garden

Hubby was kind enough to take these photos a few weeks ago. 

 DSC_3771Japanese MapleDSC_3769 Happy Returns Daylily

DSC_3796 Cosmos/Wildflower MixDSC_3804Cosmos/Wildflower Mix.  I planted these in a bed that was hopelessly covered with nutsedge.  While the nutsedge is still the predominant feature of the bed, the wildflowers pull your eye away from that nuisance.  DSC_3851Watermelon rind being pepped to peel and cut to size for pickles.  I would have posted the recipe, but it was awful!  I am going to tweak it by brining the pickles for a shorter time, adding more cinnamon to steep in the syrup, and cooking them for less time.  It was my first try, and I didn’t know what I was doing.  My dad liked them, but he’s also the same guy who would tell me he really preferred the burned cookies when my sister and I would over-bake a batch when younger.DSC_3825A daylily from a sweet older lady at our church.  I have no idea the name, but isn’t it lovely? DSC_3826Autumn Joy Sedum, prior to flowering.  This is one of my favorite plants! DSC_3816Proof of the purple plums.  We only had a few, but they were delicious! DSC_3810Yellow Cosmos DSC_3813Me in the garden.  This photo is a little deceiving because it was taken at towards the top of the hill and it looks like the grass is really high.  The foreground is of a bed where we had spring plantings and daylilies that were fading out.  You can still see the peas in this photo drying on the vines for seed.   Towards the back rear (and my back rear!) you see the asparagus fronds in that bed.  This was our second year to grow them, hence the large amount of fronds.  We’ll eat many more in 2011!  The poles near my head are bamboo that I used to stake some bell peppers.  The rest is difficult to tell you what it is, because unless you know what it is, it all looks like a jumble of green in this photo.  The wood you see on the right corner is a bench that my hubby made me in the side of the hill slope.DSC_3811Red cosmos


This was when the garden was doing a bit better.  To the far left up and down, you see garlic.  To the top, left to right, you see onions and leeks.  In the mid-ground you see beats inter-planted with Pawnee Shelling Beans.  You also see plenty of weeds!

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