July 16, 2010

Star Olive Oil at Food Lion

Did you sign up for the free olive oil coupons months ago?  If so, Robin has the scoop on a deal for you!!

speaking of coupons.... if any of your readers are still holding onto the star olive oil coupons...Food Lion has star olive oil B1G1. They are 6.89 each and they are scanning half price so you do not have to B1 to G1. I bought 5 and used 5 coupons and they scanned for the whole 4.00 off!!!! I got 34.45 worth of olive oil for free and made 2.45!! Best deal I got ever for olive oil!!!!

Go here to find a location near you.  If you are outside of the Knoxville area, you might want to call ahead for a price check to make sure your store has them on sale too.  The only place I’ve found the olive oils has been in Memphis at Schnuck’s.  I have one coupon left and only one extra jar in my pantry.  I’m definitely going to Food Lion!


  1. I guess I should have told you that the Food Lion I went to was on the corner of Hunt road and Old Knoxville Hwy. in Maryville. I also made sure to ask a manager if I could use one coupon for each bottle and she told me yes. When I got to the check out I had no problems with my checker....

  2. I went to the one near Knoxville Center Mall and used the coupon without any problems. Great deal! Thanks again for the heads up!!!

  3. YEaaayyyyyyy for all of us!!