July 4, 2010

Supper Planning Sundays

This is the weekly plan for suppers to feed 3 adults and 1 child.  Note—when estimating the cost of the meal I add the cost to the initial serving.  Any leftovers are then priced at $0. 


Tonight we had an Independence Day celebration

Hot dogs and whole wheat buns (coupon for free buns, Ball Park ecoupon and paper coupon) 75cts

Potato Salad (potatoes from a local farmer) $1.50

Baked Beans (Bush’s beans bought on sale with coupon) 75cts

Corn on the cob (2 ears given to us by a church friend who was going on vacation, 3 ears bought on sale) $1

Deviled Eggs $1

Cucumbers and vinegar (bought from a local farmer) 50cts

Beets from the ones I’m canning tonight $0

Bell peppers and onions from the garden $0

Approximate cost $5.50



Approximate cost $0


We didn’t have this meal last week b/c of travel. We’ll enjoy this night instead.

Organic chicken drumsticks roasted $6

Brown rice seasoned with pan drippings $1

Squash from the garden

Cucumbers and tomatoes

Approximate cost $7


Pasta with leftover chicken, onions, squash, green beans, and tomatoes (veggies from the garden, pasta free after coupon)

Approximate cost $0


Veal burgers (we usually don’t buy veal, but a local farmer and friend was out of hamburger meat and encouraged us to try it.  We’ll see how it goes) $6

Couscous Tabouli (I used the Rice Select $1.50/1 coupon in the Mambo Sprouts booklet, which made a better price per pound than buying in the bulk section) $1

Approximate cost $7


This is another repeat from last week that we didn’t eat.

Beans, rice, and cornbread

Any sliced tomatoes or cucumbers available from the garden

Approximate cost $3


Salmon Patties $2

Squash Dressing (my great, great grandmother’s recipe) $1

Leftover beans $0

Approximate cost $3

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