July 22, 2010

Tip of the day—5 Ways to Break the Cable Addiction

Sorry for the lack of posts.  Our sweet daughter is sick and pretty pitiful.  I’ll be in and out of pocket for the next couple of days as a result. 

Here are some tips for alternatives to cable.  My dad just priced it for his house, and for the channels he wanted, it was going to be nearly $100 per month!!  We did away with cable when our daughter was a baby, and it was probably one of the best moves we ever made.  We don’t watch nearly as much television as a result, and we’ve saved thousands of dollars. 

  • When first switching from cable to basic free television, we eased the transition by purchasing Netflix then a similar plan with Blockbuster.  This allowed us to watch many more movies than we would have at a brick and mortar video store for the same price.  This was long before Redbox and Blockbuster Kiosks were around, but I have friends who still prefer Netflix to those options.  You can hold the rental longer and there are many more options than at kiosks. 
  • Learn what your basic television stations offer and record if desired.  My biggest addiction to cable is the Food Network.  Our local PBS offers the Create Network, which among other shows has a large variety of cooking programs.  If there is something that I want to see, I’ll record it and watch it at my convenience.
  • Weekends are busy for most people.  For that reason, programming is pretty slim pickings.  You’ll find cartoons, terribly cheesy movies, and lots of sports—that’s about it.  We will often rent a movie or two at a Redbox or Blockbuster kiosk instead of watching television.
  • Go to the internet.  Many of the shows we liked are available on the network’s webpage the day after it airs.  Another option is to check out Hulu.com and see what is available there.
  • All of those are ways to get rid of cable and still watch plenty of TV.  How about you just don’t watch as much TV?  When you look back on your life later, are you really going to say, “Gosh, I wish I’d watched more TV with my kids”????  I heard someone on NPR talking the other day about having screen free days on the weekends.  (This includes texting, internet, and all forms of TVs and video players).  Play board games.  Go to a park.  Do something fun with your family. 

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