July 6, 2010

Tip of the day

We all know that when there is a fantastic sale matched with a coupon the shelves are cleared as soon as the news gets out.  Don’t be too discouraged—ask for a rain check! 

At some stores (Target) you’ll need to tell the cashier the amount of the item in addition to the price and barcode.  Example, Glucerna cereal was $3.50 at Target last week.  There is a great $3/1 printable coupon.  When I arrived on Saturday, finally getting a chance to shop, there was only one box left.  I asked the cashier to make the rain check for 5 boxes in the event that I’m able to print more coupons at work or at a friend’s house.  If I am unable to get more coupons, I can still use the rain check for only 1 item, BUT I can’t use it for more than 5. 

I have stored my rain checks in two places, both seem to work fine for keeping up with them.  If I think I’ll be using the rain check in the next few days, I put it in my wallet.  If I have a coupon that will be paired with the deal, I store it with the coupon in my coupon binder. 

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