July 7, 2010

Tip of the day

Perform a random act of kindness—you’ll affect more than one person.  When we were coming home from our trip to OH, we stopped at a Bob Evans to eat lunch.  Sitting next to us was a veteran from World War 2, proudly wearing a cap that stated as much.  He seemed to be there with his adult grandchildren.  About 15 minutes into their stay, the wait staff came over and said that their lunch had been taken care of by a stranger that wanted to thank him for his service to our country. The older man wanted to thank the person, but they told them that they weren’t allowed to tell him about the kindness until the man had already left.  A couple of the waitresses were tearing up as they spoke with the gentleman.  A few minutes after they left, another man walked up and shook the man’s hand and started up a conversation with him about his service in Vietnam and his father’s service in WW2.  

Now we can count at least 10 people affected by the stranger’s kindness (the veteran’s family, my family, the wait staff, and the Vietnam veteran).  Yet I’m sure others in the restaurant noticed what happened and were also touched by the event.  When we add to this all of those people who will read this post and those that the other witnesses told about the kindness, you see how one relatively small act can touch so many lives in a positive way. 

How can your actions and deeds today touch others?  I encourage you to perform at least one random act of kindness, big or small, anonymously. 

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