July 8, 2010

Tip of the day

While I try not to repeat too many of the tips I include on this blog, I do have some favorite tips that new readers may not have seen. 

  • Have over ripened bananas and not enough time to make banana bread?  Freeze them as is.  No need for a baggie or for peeling.  They’ll be perfect for making muffins, quick bread, or a milkshake when you have the time.
  • To freeze bell peppers—wash the outside and pop them in a baggie whole. No need to chop.  Run them under warm water when you are ready to use, and prep as desired.
  • Change your font type and margins when printing for casual purposes.  Fonts with more visual weight use more ink.  Changing the margins will allow you to use less paper.
  • Glass cleaner or the made at home alternative is your friend.  A few sprays and wipes will make your house look shiny and clean even when you don’t have time to do a complete overhaul. 
  • Tidy, straighten or clean the biggest item in the room if you are in a pinch for time.  It will make the most impact on the room and the space will look clean, even if it isn’t, when those last minute guests arrive.
  • To save gas, make a point to park so that you won’t have to use reverse.
  • Coupon binders are great, but to make your trip even easier, paper clip the coupons you know you’ll be using to your grocery list.  Always bring your binder in case you see a clearance item or mark down that you want to grab, but having the other coupons ready for use streamlines your trip.
  • Don’t waste.  Be mindful of what you are using so that you avoid wasting what you have. 
  • Prevention is also money wise.  Take care of what you have, your body, mind and spirit included. 
  • Keep a piggy bank in the laundry room and drop any bills or change that are left in pockets into it.  When you are ready to take a vacation, count your money.  You might be surprised at how quickly it adds up.
  • When buying clothes, look at the care label.  If it calls for dry cleaning, you’ll be paying more for it in the long haul.
  • Throw a dry towel in with your wet clothes when drying them.  This will reduce the dry time dramatically.  Better yet, hang dry your clothes when you are able to do so.  Even hanging your delicates will save you “loads” of energy.
  • Install a programmable thermometer.  We saw a huge decrease in our utility bill right after we did so.
  • Stop before you buy.  Wait a day or more for bigger ticket items.  When buying on line, wait at least an hour and come back to your shopping cart.  Decide whether or not you really need, or even want, those things. 

So, what about you?  What are some of your favorite tips and money saving methods?

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  1. I know that I don't comment often...but I try to read your ever post!! I think I'm gonna have to print off this list for future reference!