July 9, 2010

Tip of the day

Don’t be afraid to ask for a discount. 

  • When calling for pizza, first ask if they are running any deals.  I’ve heard from a few pizza chain employees that they are told not to offer deals unless prompted to do so or unless the store is promoting a certain advertised deal. 
  • When entering a store, ask if they have a sale or clearance section or are running any deals.
  • When purchasing bigger ticket items, ask the clerk or sales rep ask if this is the best price they can give you.  Or, prompt them with a discount, “Could you knock another 10% off?”
  • Ask about price matching or price guarantees.
  • If purchasing a bigger ticket item and a clerk cannot give you more of a discount, sometimes the store can throw in some extras—extended warrantee, an accessory, etc.
  • If you notice a defect in the product but it is one you are willing to live with, ask for a discount.
  • When at the grocery, watch for foods nearing their expiration date.  I regularly do this when shopping for organic chicken.  Ask if they are willing to mark down the price, and be sure to make note that you’ll be more likely to purchase more if they do.
  • Get in the habit of asking about other discounts.  “Do you give AAA discounts?”  If you are in law enforcement or the military, many stores give discounts but do not advertise them.  Ask about senior citizen discounts.  In Knoxville we have a great school coupon book.  I regularly have mine in my purse.  I ask a store when checking out if they are in the book, and if not, if they accept competitor’s coupons.
  • When at a restaurant, ask if they have any kind of meal deals or specials.  When at Nama, a local sushi place, for lunch yesterday, they didn’t have a bento box on the menu.  I remembered that they offered this in the past, though, and asked about it.  The waiter said that they do have a bento box option, and I purchased miso soup and seaweed salad with my roll for $2 more. 

Remember my motto when asking questions about discounts or deals—what is the worst thing that could happen?  They could say no.  If you don’t ask, though, you will never know.  ;)  Happy dealing!


  1. Great reminders....because I so often forget to ask if they offer a senior citizen discount...which I'm not ashamed to admit that I fall into that category!!! Some good things do come with age!!!

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