July 16, 2010

Tip of the day

Look for freebies everywhere!

  • I passed a $3 car wash yesterday that offered free vacuuming with each wash.  The last time I paid to use a vacuum at a gas station I went through two cycles at 75cts each. 
  • We try to go to restaurants that we know give out free bread, chips and dip, or offer a free kids meal. 
  • GNC stores often offer free samples of their vitamin chews and on occasion other supplements.  Next time you are in, ask about any free samples.
  • When we had a Sam’s membership, we always chose Sunday afternoon as the shopping day.  With all of the free samples, we were able to try new foods and get a little snack too.
  • Next time you are in your pediatrician’s office watch for free samples of diaper rash cream.  At your midwife, look for samples of feminine care products.  If starting a new medication, ask your doctor for free samples.  If you have a reaction to a medication after a dose or two that you’ve paid $100 for, you’ll be out that money.  Instead, trying a free sample for a few days helps to make sure it is a medication you’ll actually be able to use.
  • At the farmers market on Saturday last, I saw a farmer offering a free recipe with each purchase and a free flower with any purchase of $8 or more.

What other great freebies have you found around town?

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