July 17, 2010

Tip of the day

Ways to save on wrapping paper.

While I’ve included some of these in past tips, I thought having them all together might be helpful.

  • Always ask about free wrapping.  Some stores might wrap the entire present and others will give you the supplies to do so yourself.  If they do not offer free wrapping, ask if they will give you a box. 
  • Watch for sales on wrapping paper.  I always stock up on holiday wrapping right after the holiday (Christmas, Graduation, Valentine’s).  Party City often has wrapping paper for 99cts, and it is a decent weight and quality.  Sometimes if you buy cheap you get cheap—be careful. 
  • Wrap everything in red.  Let it be your signature color. It fits almost every holiday and is gender neutral.  Watch for after Christmas or after Valentine’s sales and stock up on basic red tissue, paper, and gift bags.
  • Use what you have. 
    • I love wrapping gifts for my friends who are crafty in fat quarters (cloth cut at a size that quilters prefer).  I watch for end of bolt sales.  I might use the fabric as part of a tablescape first.  Then I will wash it and use it for any crafting I might be doing (granted very little these days).  Then the leftover becomes gift wrapping.  It works best if you use it to gather and tie with a pretty ribbon.
    • Save the comics from Sunday papers in  your gift closet.  These are great for children’s presents.
    • Wrap with some flare.  For seamstresses, use an old pattern to wrap.  For engineers, wrap with an old map.  For a photographer, use larger film tins.  Dare I suggest coupon circulars for couponers?  Maybe just use expired ones so that you don’t waste those good coupons.  ;)
  • Make the wrapping paper be part of the gift.  I love having reusable shopping bags take place of gift bags.  Use pretty baskets or even a nice bowl as the vessel for smaller gifts.
  • Save.  Keep any gift bags, good tissue paper, or nice ribbon in which you might receive gifts.  Now, I’m not saying to not tear wrapping paper.  I personally LOVE tearing into wrapping paper like a kid on Christmas morning. 
  • Watch for wrapping paper at garage sales.  I know—strange thing to get at a yard sale, right?  You might be surprised at how many times I have found wrapping paper and accessories at garage sales.  Also keep your eyes peeled when shopping at thrift stores like Goodwill. 
  • Use your children’s art work as gift wrapping.  This is especially great for grandparents!

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