July 19, 2010

Tip of the day

Emergency Preparedness Tip of the Week--

Be sensitive to those with food allergies. 

  • I always ask friends if they have any food allergies, sensitivities or dislikes before I decide on the menu for our meal.
  • When hosting children, I double check to see if there are any allergy issues before offering snacks.
  • Teach your children to not share food until they ask a parent or teacher if it is ok.  All it takes is one bite of peanut butter for a child with a food allergy to have a very serious reaction.  They might be sharing out of love or kindness, but teach them that it is important to always ask a grown-up first.
  • If you have a close friend, family member, or co-worker with a serious allergy, make sure that you know where their epi-pen is stored and how to use it if needed. 
  • When making food for a potluck or bake sale, make a habit of jotting down the recipe with all of the ingredients for display.  A person with a food allergy or sensitivity will be very happy to see this! 
  • Be careful when making peanut butter and jelly to not use the same knife or spoon in both jars if you have someone close to you with a peanut allergy.  While most people with peanut allergies are careful about not eating jelly at someone else’s house, you can never be too careful. 
  • Don’t sneak in ingredients because you think that it is “all in their head.”  A true food allergy diagnosis is received only after testing.  There are some people with food allergies who might take shots or drops that allow them to eat some of their allergens, but they still need to know what is in the food so that they can monitor their reactions.  For example, my sister can’t have any egg or egg products at all, but she can eat a little wheat because of the degree of seriousness of that allergy and because she takes drops.

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