July 24, 2010

Tip of the day—Buy Local

We were looking into purchasing some carpet this week.  We priced at Home Depot and then went to Lowe’s.  The prices were very similar and we had a 10% off coupon.  I asked about any other discounts or deals or any way that we could get higher quality carpet for less.  The sales lady, while nice, didn’t give me the time of day.  She had no reason to—Lowe’s is a large company and if they don’t make the deal off of me, they will off of someone else.  I asked her to phone the manager, still no more they could do.  Now, I’m not talking bad about Lowe’s here.  I like Lowe’s and I shop there often, but in this case, they didn’t work with me.

I decided that we should go a few miles down the road to a local carpet store to check the prices there.  Since I knew the store was heavily trafficked and I knew people who had used their services, I felt ok about walking into a new store.  I was upfront.  I told the sales clerk what I wanted, what price Lowe’s had given me, and I told him that while I wanted to buy local, price was the ultimate decision maker.  The clerk took the time to find a high quality carpet in the color palette that we wanted, measured the room the next morning, and called back with a price.  The price beat Lowe’s by a few bucks!  Not only was we able to get BETTER carpet and a color truer to what we wanted, but we were able to patron a local store for a good price!  What a bargain!

Moral of the story--when looking to make a big purchase, shop around.  You might find a good deal at a locally owned store!

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