July 13, 2010

Tip of the day—Homemade Pimento Cheese

If you’ve only ever had pimento cheese from the grocery store, then you really don’t know how good it can be.  It is a completely different taste, and while you might hate the store bought kind, you’ll probably love homemade.  There isn’t really a “recipe” for pimento cheese.  You add some grated cheese to a bit of chopped pimento, and bind it with mayonnaise.  You mix the proportions based on your flavor preferences. The types of ingredients, though, can put this simple recipe into a different class all together.

The cheese—The best pimento cheese I ever make is when I use Sweetwater Valley Farm Buttermilk cheese.  I hand grate it, and the sharp flavor makes a party in your mouth.  The next best cheeses I’ve found are to use a sharp cheddar or a white sharp cheddar.  You can use pre-grated varieties, but hand grated cheese tends to bind better. 

The mayo—I’m a Hellman’s gal.  My family swears that they can tell if you use a different mayo than Hellman’s.

Pimento—opt for a larger jar to get a better price per ounce.  You’ll want to have more on hand so that you can make this again…soon. 

The extrasMy secret ingredient is to add a few dashes of dry mustard to the recipe.  You can keep a secret, right?  You’ll be amazed at how it adds some complexity to the flavor.  For a pretty presentation, you can dash a bit of paprika (sweet not hot) on top if serving in a bowl.  If making sandwiches, use a toothpick with a pickle or green olive on top. 


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  1. This sounds interesting. I always hated pimento cheese as a kid, but now that I've "grown up" it sounds like something I may actually like now. Thanks for sharing. Peace. ;)