August 14, 2010

Blogging Manners—Linking, Copying, and Blogging Resources

I posted this last year and I’m reposting because it is something that has been on my mind for a while now.  Coupon Mommie just returned from the Savvy Blogging Summit in Colorado and has been teaching me some of the tidbits she gleaned from the great teachers there.  Many of the local Knoxville bloggers will be getting together soon to have a round table discussion and learn even more from her.  (I call her my coupon guru!) 

Anyway, I wanted to remind everyone that copying something directly from another person’s site is NOT GOOD.  In many cases it is copyright infringement.  If you have a little thank you on there, that is great.  It is wonderful to link back to others.  It is just plain good manners.  BUT, you must also change the wording of the content of the post unless you are showing that you have direct quoted the person in some way (quotation marks, italics and indentation, quote box, etc). Otherwise you are pretty much stealing their work and passing it off as your own.  I realized that many newer bloggers may not know this, and I thought it was a good tidbit of info.

If you are new to blogging, and I certainly consider myself a newbie still, you might want to check out the Savvy Blogging site.  I have found those gals to be a wealth of information!

Head over to Coupon Mommie's post here to read more about the etiquette around blogging posts. If I find out the information on my own, then you will not see a "thank you" on my post. Most of the time, though, you'll see little notes of appreciation for the bloggers who helped to get the information out there for all to benefit. Also, I really, really appreciate it when I see that others have linked to me--so much so that I border on the line of doing a happy dance when I see a link back to me. Sharing the bloggy love is great because the more of us that are helping to get the info on coupons, freebies, and sales out there, the more money we can all save! Thanks Jennifer for this great post!


  1. Thanks Gabrielle, I am pretty new and I don't blog for anything but fun, but it IS copying and no one likes a copy cat:) LOL!

  2. You are terrific Rochele and wonderful about always thanking and linking back to others! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your blog!!

    I was recently talking with someone about this and said that if someone read my blog and had a question about a post, a concern, or a problem, I really hope that he/she would contact me so that I could address it. I have been known to type a post up faster than I think and forget to credit another person--we're all human. I do try and make up for it when I realize it, though. ;)

    Thanks for the sweet comment. I always get so excited when I see them!

  3. I, too, and learning more about the blogging world and appreciate you posting this! I have mentioned a few sites with links in my blogs, but definitely need to add the "thank you" part in there!

  4. Glad that the post was helpful! The longer I blog, the more I realize how much I have to learn still! ;)

    Thanks for leaving the comment!!