August 29, 2010

A Happy Thought


Summer’s End by Holin Kennen
"The gates of summer, once open wide like the arms of absent friends
begin to close, haltingly, with rusty hinges creaking in cool mornings.
The fireflies that rose in steaming clouds from humid backyard lawns
have disappeared overnight as though deported to another country,
leaving thrumming cicadas overhead, pulsing like high voltage wires.
Now great baskets of tomatoes, sunset crimson and dusky orange,
delicate raspberries, their jeweled caps painting picking fingers purple,
with seeds like tiny pearls, sweet and tart with days of rain and sun,
await the sauce pots and canning jars to hold their garnet ripening.
Standing at the counter putting up fresh corn long after time for sleep
knife swiftly parting kernels from the cob, white and gold, milk dripping;
the corgi puppy gnawing fiercely at the one cob left for him
scatters kernels, golden beads tossed along the blood red floor…"


I found this while blog hopping.  Beautiful!

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