August 16, 2010

Kroger Saved 57.2%

banner_logo_header I went to Kroger for the first time this month to purchase for our family.  I spent $53.57 and bought $125.20 worth of items.  Some couponers are probably rolling their eyes at only saving 57%, but I bought a few organic items which most always drops that percentage down a bit.  Granted, there aren’t tons of organics seen on the coupon list, but I stocked up on some chicken, milk, and organic carrots.

The items below are ones that I bought with coupons.  To learn more about where to find the coupons, go here.

8 Progresso Soups=$1.69 each

  • Part of Mega Event -$4
  • Used four 50ct/2 coupons that were doubled -$4
  • Loadable coupon –50cts
  • Catalina -$3  (NOTE-- the catalina did not print out as it should have.  I went to the customer’s service desk and they took my word for it, giving me the discount.)
  • Total spent each 25cts

5 Nature Valley Granola Bars=$12.45  (I’m not sure if I picked the wrong granola bars, or if our Kroger has them priced differently than Southern Saver’s, but they were $2.49 each BEFORE the Mega Event discount.  Southern Savers number was $1.49 after the Mega Event discount.  Anyone have any ideas?)

  • Part of Mega Event -$2.50
  • Used 5 50ct/1 coupons that were doubled -$5 (Actually, I forgot some of these coupons in my home printer! Yikes! Because our Kroger allows you to return with the coupon and receipt for reimbursement, I’ll swing by tomorrow with these).
  • Loadable coupons -$1.50
  • Catalina -$3.50
  • Total spent –5cts

2 Nature Valley Granola Clusters=$4.98

  • Part of Mega Event -$1
  • Used two $1/1 coupons -$2
  • Loadable coupons -$2
  • Total spent –2cts

1 Gardetto’s $1.89

  • Part of Mega Event –50cts
  • Used 50ct/1 coupon that was doubled -$1
  • Loadable coupon –50cts
  • Total spent –11cts

2 Old El Paso Taco Shells $2.98

  • Part of Mega Event -$1
  • Loadable coupon –60cts
  • Total spent $1.38

2 Warm Delights $2.38

  • Part of Mega Event -$1
  • Used 50ct/1 coupon that was doubled -$1
  • Loadable coupons -$1
  • Total spent –62cts

Cascadian Farms Cereal $2.99

  • Part of Mega Event –50cts
  • Used 75ct/1 printable coupon
  • Total spent $1.74


Luna Bar $1

  • Used 50ct/1 coupon found in the Curves booklet, doubled -$1
  • Total spent $0

Hefty Freezer Bags $1

  • Used $1/1 Kroger Mailer coupon
  • Total spent $0

Purex Pure and Natural Detergent $1.99

  • Used $1/1 Kroger Mailer coupon
  • Total spent 99cts (I didn’t really need this, but I couldn’t pass up the deal.  I’ll add it to my stockpile or pass it on to my dad).

Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs $4.49

  • Used FREE Kroger Mailer coupon
  • Total spent $0

Kroger Hot Dog Buns $1

  • Loadable coupon –20cts
  • Total spent 80cts  (We really don’t do much white bread.  If we don’t like them, we’ll pass them on to friends).

M&Ms 2/$1

  • Used 75ct/2 coupon
  • Total spent 25cts  (Again, not a normal buy, but I thought it would be a good treat for Hubby). 

2 Martha White Cornbread Mixes $1.02

  • Used 55ct/2 coupon
  • Total spent 47cts

4 Martha White Muffin Mixes (2 whole grain, 2 lemon poppyseed) $4 (I plan to use these when I’m called upon to bring something for a luncheon or brunch and don’t have time to make from scratch)

  • Used $1/4 Kroger Mailer coupon
  • Total spent $3

Sara Lee Wheat White Bread $1

  • Used 55ct/1 Kroger Mailer Coupon
  • Total spent 45cts

Nature’s Pride Whole Wheat Oatmeal Bread $1.99

  • Used $1/1 Kroger Mailer Coupon
  • Total spent 99cts

Springer Mountain Farms Organic Chicken Breasts $5.49

  • Marked down to $4.18
  • Used $1.50/1 coupon
  • Total spent $2.68

4 Kraft Mac & Cheese $3.18

  • Used two 55ct/2 printable coupons that were about to expire (we’ll probably donate this)
  • Total spent $2.08

Apples and Bananas—Used $1 off Kroger Mailer coupon

The rest of the items were without coupons—organic carrots, organic milk, more organic chicken, eggs and taco seasoning.

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