August 25, 2010

September Culinary Events at Williams-Sonoma


Presented free of charge, each hour-long-class is dedicated to a specific topic led by one of our culinary experts. Class size is limited, so reserve your space today.


Regularly scheduled demonstrations focus on seasonal foods and entertaining. All are led by culinary experts and offered at no charge.

Sunday, September 12


A specialty of northern Italy, risotto has earned a place as a legendary Italian dish and is now a favorite outside its homeland as well. Risotto can be embellished with savory ingredients, including cheeses, vegetables, meats and seafood, as well with as sweet additions like dried fruit. As you’ll discover in this class, risotto will quickly become one of the most versatile and well-loved dishes in your repertoire.

Sunday, September 19

Indoor Grilling

Even with the arrival of fall, you can still enjoy the succulent flavors of grilled meats and vegetables. This class will focus on the technique of indoor grilling — how to capture those summer favorites in your own kitchen. We’ll show you how to make classic pollo alla mattone (chicken under a brick) and share tips and other recipes that will inspire you throughout the fall season.

Sunday, September 26

Fall Baking

As the chill of autumn sets in, it’s time to fill your house with the enticing aroma of home-baked goods. In this class you’ll learn to bake tempting cool-weather treats that showcase the best of the autumn harvest, including apples, pears and other seasonal ingredients.

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