August 22, 2010

Supper Planning Sundays

Below is our meal plan for this week.  It will feed 2 adults, 1 child, and an occasional guest or relative here and there.

Note—when estimating the cost of the meal I add the cost to the initial serving.  Any leftovers are then priced at $0. Dining out pulls from a different part of our family budget and prices are not shown below as a result.



Approximate cost $0


Salad Nicoise (without the potatoes unless the ground has dried enough to dig them)

(Marked down organic salad, free after coupon goat cheese, tomatoes, onion, and green beans from the garden, tuna and eggs bought on sale) $2

Corn on the cob (bought at the farmers market) $2

Approximate cost $4


Taco Night (organic beef bought at the grocery b/c the farmer wasn’t at the market due to a broken leg, taco shells and sour cream bought on sale, veggies from the garden) $6

Organic Black Beans (bought at Three Rivers Market when on sale) $1

Rice (free after coupon) $0

Approximate cost $7


I’ll be at a planning meeting for supper.  Hubby will make macaroni and cheese, carrot sticks, apple slices, and blueberries.

(Mac and cheese free after coupon, veggies and fruit only expense) $2-3

Approximate cost $2-3


Thursday is my birthday.  I’ve asked Hubby to take me out to a restaurant to celebrate.

Approximate cost $0—out of entertainment budget


Chicken with lemon and olive oil (marked down organic chicken bought with coupon, olive oil bought with coupon and sale) $3

Confetti Rice (veg from the garden, rice bought on sale and with coupon) 50cts

Tomato and cucumber salad (free from the garden)

Approximate cost $3.50


Vegetable meal with foods bought on same day at the farmers market

Approximate cost ????  Depends upon how much and what we buy

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  1. WOW great Menu!!! Found you through the Follow Me Blog Frog Community! Glad I found it! I am now a follower : )