August 27, 2010

Tea at the Gallery—Restaurant Review, Knoxville

If you read my blog, you know that yesterday was my birthday.  I was talking with friends earlier in the week about getting together for lunch to celebrate, and my cousin suggested we go to Tea at the Gallery.  What a delightful lunch we had! 

I had never visited this little tea shop, gallery, and restaurant all in one located in the Bearden area of Knoxville.  Since we planned an early lunch, we were the first customers.  The waitress was absolutely wonderful.  She made every effort to explain the teas, ensure we had what we needed, and make my birthday luncheon special.  My cousin had visited before and said that the Signature Tea Tray was perfect for one.  Since our daughter was with me, I ordered a plate of hummus and veggies to supplement, though I don’t think we would have needed it.  I was absolutely stuffed when I left, and our daughter was thrilled with the tea that she and her best friend shared with all of the special foods.  She wanted to go straight for the bottom tier of desserts, but I managed to get a few bites of other foods in her first.  ;)

The atmosphere was beautiful without feeling stuffy.  It was nice to look around at the art on the walls and read about the artists, though none of the art was in my price range.  The tea shop section had a nice assortment of tea accessories, pots, and cups.  There was a wide variety of teas and a tea sniffing table.  In the front of the store, there were couches and comfortable chairs that looked perfect for sitting, sipping, and sewing.  OK, maybe I won’t be sewing, but all of my knitting friends could.  With a full pot of tea only costing $4 and many of the tea snacks in single serving bags for $1, it would be a perfect and less expensive alternative to a coffee shop. 

My favorite parts of the signature tray were the curried tuna sandwiches and the scones—absolutely fantastic!  The signature tray cost $16, which includes a pot of tea.  To price compare, I have enjoyed tea time at other semi-local spots with the same amount of food and tea for $27.  Both prices are before tax and tip. 

Visit their Facebook page for a few more photos of the interior and checkout their website.  I hope you’ll stop by.  Will I return?  Most definitely! 

Note—I’m in no way associated with the Tea at the Gallery nor do I know any of the owners or people who work there.  I received no payment or discounts for writing this review, and the waitress only learned that I was planning to write a review after we were through with our food.

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  1. Thank you for coming by and sharing your afternoon with us!!! We love celebrating Birthdays at Tea at the Gallery. Thanks for your nice review. I hope you'll come back to see us!